Eξέταση SNAP χολικών Οξέων (Bile Acids)

Evaluate liver function; begin treatment immediately

A fully quantitative in-house ELISA for the measurement of serum bile acids, the SNAP Bile Acids Test lets you:

  • Assess liver function
  • Identify occult liver disease
  • Help rule out portosystemic shunts when test stimulation is normal
  • Monitor response to treatment
  • Benefits

    Everyone benefits from accurate in-house bile acids testing

    Here’s why:

    • The SNAP Bile Acids Test is the most sensitive, easiest to perform and most liver-specific of the liver function tests.
    • Serum bile acids is a much more sensitive indicator of hepatic function than serum bilirubin or albumin, which often return to normal long before liver function does.
    • The ability to evaluate liver disease in-house during client visits enables you to provide immediate solutions for their pets and helps you build stronger client relations.
    • With fast, in-house results, you can better manage your time by eliminating the need for pet-owner callbacks and multiple appointments.
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